Charlie Max Tharas

Hi! I hope you’re having a good day. This is my website, which has some information about me and my life. Check it out:


TL;DR: I’m graduating with my bachelor’s degree in CS + Math in 2027.


Williams College, Williamstown, MA, 2023-2027 (Bachelor of Arts)

Anticipated double major in Computer Science and Mathematics, with a concentration in Cognitive Science. I’m currently participating in student computer science and research organizations, and I’m looking to conduct research at Williams on natural language processing. I’m also very actively involved with the climbing team: I teach bouldering PE classes, host climbing facility open hours, and compete regionally in bouldering. Things are still ramping up, so stay tuned!

High School

Hunter College High School, New York, NY, 2017-2023 (6-year program)

Imagine a liberal arts college, but as a high school. I did a lot of stuff, here’s some of it:

  • Was president of Computer Science Consortium, a competitive coding and general CS interest-based club.
  • Volunteered at the writing center.
  • Wrote articles for BITS, the computer science magazine.
  • Worked as a teaching intern for 9th-grade computer science classes and our school’s data science extracurricular.
  • Worked with Hunter Data Analytics for Change on hackathon problems and planning.
  • Took college classes at Hunter College, New York, NY, 2022-2023. (CSCI 23200 Relational Databases & PSYC 10000)

Check out awards and competitions on my LinkedIn.


Here’s a brief overview of some of the coolest stuff I’ve done. For a less brief overview, check out my resume, the list of projects I’ve been working on, and my experiences as a teaching assistant.


  • Student developer for Williams Students Online starting in my freshman year of college. Worked on front and back end (primarily with Go & React.js) to develop features for our student website, such as course schedule synchronization with both user accounts and Williams’s course rating service, new feature flags for the course catalog, and good old bug fixes.
  • Data engineering & bioinformatics intern for MSKCC MIND in the summer of 2022. I debugged and documented their Luna platform on Unix machines, built models to identify cell features on slide data, and worked on a .svs viewer and annotator that could integrate into their model training pipeline.
  • I also spend my summers working as a surf instructor at Rockaway Beach 🌊.


  • I was on the national executive board of Steel City Codes, a chapter-based nonprofit that provides computer science education to ~2000 students from underserved communities every year. Starting as a tutor in 2020, I became a chapter head in 2021, where I reached out to NYC school administrators to launch chapters at dozens of schools. In 2022 and 2023, I worked with the national executive team to organize several hackathons (total 500+ participants, $25K+ cash-value fundraised), partnered with MRI Software to bring SCC workshops to their company HQ in Cleveland, launch new after-school and summer camp programs, and build several new curriculum offerings.


  • At my high school, I taught lessons, wrote curricula, and assisted in classes for 9th-grade computer science (theory & introductory Python).
  • Also at my high school, I taught lessons, wrote curricula, and assisted in classes for Science Research Seminar, our school’s research and data analytics extracurricular for 10th-12th graders.
  • I also taught a few semesters of introductory and intermediate classes at Steel City Codes (Python, Java, Git, Scratch, etc.).


I love to analyze random data from my life (fitness, sleep, music history). I love to build machine learning models and play around with their applications (NLP chatbots, CV webcam models). I like to make games here and there (Unity, Java graphics). Not all of my work is public, since a lot is deeply tangled in my personal data with absolutely no privacy best practices involved, but I’m working on that!

For the sake of not having to keep these updated, just check out my projects.