High School Teaching Assistant: Hunter

Hunter College High School, In-Person, 2022

Worked as a teaching intern for Computer Science 9 and Science Research Seminar, and volunteered at the writing center.

Worked as a teaching intern for 9th-grade computer science classes both semesters of my senior year of high school. Developed curriculum materials, graded homeworks and quizzes, and taught lessons toward the ends of each semester. Course content covered computer science theory (e.g. logic gates, numeric bases) and introductory Python. Created complex final project and lesson plan.

Also worked as a teaching intern for Science Research Seminar, a 10-12th grade extracurricular class that covers research outreach, general research principles, and basic data anaylsis in Python (for students looking to do lab work in their junior or senior years). Assisted in class explaining Python data science packages like scikit-learn and pandas.

Also worked as tutor in the writing center, advising students on scientific and literary papers.